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My blog launch, first day of The New Year of the Dog.

An auspicious day to start my blog, the day after a long hike over the hills behind my house in SaiKung. Inspired by my friends, the animals, my collection of photographs and my recent work with AFCD. So here we go... This is the The Diamond Back Water Snake (Sinonatrix aequifasciata) - 環紋游蛇. I chose this image as it shows the subject, and its habitat, as well as appealing on an abstract level.

An attractive snake, often seen resting above water. This one dropped into the river and was swimming when I took this (ring-flash) picture, and I was lucky to catch his tongue out too. A distinctive snake, with diamond shaped brownish bands. Head is reddish in colour, with orange eyes. Aggressive, and bites readily. Not commonly seen unless you wander near still pools at night.

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