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The world’s largest synchronised biodiversity project, City Nature Challenge 2021 is coming.

The world’s largest synchronised biodiversity project, City Nature Challenge 2021 is coming. In November 2010, 45 schools joined the ECF Hong Kong Inter-School City Nature Challenge, a month long project in students and staff had to find and log species in and around their campus neighbourhood using the free app, iNaturalist.

Organised by WWF Hong Kong and funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund, these schools generated a combined total of 76,573 observations of 2,394 species by over 3,700 students, contributing to a better understanding of our urban biodiversity. There were some fantastic photos taken and the pick of the bunch are as follows:

Winner: Jasmine Lau Wing Yan – Cheung Chuk Shan College.

1st Runner Up: Hayley Wong Ka Hei – The Chinese Foundation Secondary School.

2nd Runner-Up: Nathan Li Chin Hay – Stewards Pooi Kei Primary School.


Following the iNaturalist theme, the world’s largest synchronised biodiversity monitoring project, City Nature Challenge 2021 is coming up!

Hong Kong will be participating alongside over 430 cities worldwide to log wildlife wherever it can be found and WWF Hong Kong, alongside many local partners (including wildcreatures!!), invite you all to participate. All you need to do is take pictures of wildlife on iNaturalist from 30 April – 3 May 2021, that’s it!

Despite COVID, in 2020 Hong Kong logged just over 2,600 species in 4 days, taking us to 3rd in the overall rankings out of 244 cities. While we continue to shock the world with our incredible biodiversity, we still need your help with this amazing worldwide initiative. Make sure to charge your phones before you explore (and also wear a mask!!).


Watch this blog as Wildcreatures will be organising a bioblitz at Lions Nature Education Centre in SaiKung to help participate, so come along and have some fun! More details soon.


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