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The boar culling....

I have been asked my opinion on the recent culling....and I think we need to put this in perspective and look at the overall failure of this government with respect to wildlife and biodiversity. I believe this culling is worrying as it is a knee jerk reaction to a human conflict problem, and shows a lack of a clear policy regarding wildlife and its role in our city, and in our hearts. You have to look where the lobby and power bite on a policeman and a "threat" to the public from wildlife results in almost instant action and executions..

But, in terms of overall government policy and action for biodiversity then it is clear that the government has failed us, this city and its animals miserably, specifically regarding its responsibilities and commitments under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

I urge you to read the recently released report, (of Hong Kong's performance against the Convention on Biological Diversity by the HKBWS) but be aware, it does not make for happy reading…except for the focus on solutions that the HKBWS proposes.

Link here to the PDF:

or, even easier, please watch this short video that summarises this detailed report:


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