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Nope, not the band....tho i understand they have played here. These are the arthropods.

Note that this was shot at night, with a flash.

Scorpions are not commonly found in Hong Kong as their distribution is restricted to a few isolated locations in the New Territories. Most reported cases in Hong Kong of scorpion stings are from imported ones, often hidden in a fruit called langsat (蘆菇). Or so I am reliably informed by the Department of Health. How to find them...well, get out your black light (not used since I was 16 for my Jimi Hendrix posters; showing my age again), and walk around shining it on the walls of remote abandoned villages (or in Tai Po Kau), and lo and behold, you have this amazing sight:

as for some peculiar reason, scorpions glow under a black light!

Then you try and focus and have a scorpion pic.

How my nights have changed. From seeing the Scorpions play live to seeing scorpions on a wall. Hey ho.....


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