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More wols

What does wol mean? well, the urban dictionary has it as "waste of life", hmmm, and in editing it is used as an acronym for "write on line", in an exercise book for students to write in an answer. But for me, it can only be the loveable clever Owl in Winnie the Pooh.

The reason that Owl is named Wol is because Wol is a Kentish and Sussex dialect word for Owl, which Milne would have been familiar with, living on a farm at Hartfield at the time he was writing Winnie the Pooh. Or maybe he just liked the sound of it.

if you like this image then please note that Kadoorie Farm is launching a series of Owl themed postcards...5 different ones. Here is a sneak preview...... They should be ready soon for purchase in their lovely little farm shop, so make sure you visit soon, as I am sure they will sell out quickly.


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