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Ferrets, polecats and Hong Kong

Ferrets, polecats and Hong Kong

- The ferret, Mustela putorius furo, is the domesticated variety of the European polecat, is much bigger, with varying coats, and are distinguished by a dark 'mask' across the eyes.

Here is a picture of polecat that I took.....

and here is a classic shot of a ferret...being domestic....very popular as a pet, and i have seen an owner walking one on a leash in my home town in Surrey UK.

So how does this relate to HOng Kong....well, whilst we do have the extremely rare yellow-bellied weasel, the European otter, and the chinese ferret badger, the place of these mustelids listed in the last three blogs (ie stoats etc) is also occupied by the three civet cats, and the two mongooses.


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