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COMMON WOLF SNAKE. Lycodon capucinus


Lycodon capucinus

information taken from our sister website which has comprehensive information on all our snakes in Hong Kong.


Average size reaching up to .75 meters with reddish brown coloration and yellowish white mottling over the length of the body. A flat narrow head just slightly wider than the neck at the jaw with proportioned round eyes and pupils. Yellowish white incomplete band just behind the head.


The Common Wolf Snake is a docile terrestrial night feeder and fun to observe. They will flee slowly but deliberately when disturbed either burrowing through the leaf litter or slithering away. If handled they are not quick to bite, though capable of doing so and will readily secrete a smelly musk while trying to get away. Quick to calm down they pose almost no danger.


Common Wolf Snakes are widely distributed around Hong Kong including Hong Kong island. Fond of lizards they can be found from grassy areas to forests and near water culverts.

Here is one I found mid trying to eat a long tailed skink...see how the lizard holds the snake skin to avoid being has already dropped its tail at this point, but the snake had not been fooled.


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