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A cute baby

More and more common it seems in Hong Kong, even on the Island, this is a baby porcupine. I think cute has a new image.

Rescued from a catchwater by Adam Franc, and yes, its his photo too...what a lovely shot. Adam and I set up for all your snakey needs, but yes, we love other wildlife too. Adam said this fellah really put up a fight, with big teeth and spines. I think this cutey gave him a harder time than the big venomous snakes he sometimes rescues!

So where was it's mum? well, hopefully they were reunited soon after...but she could have been a victim of the many wild dogs. As Gary Ades of Kadoorie Farm Rescue Centre said in the SCMP last year........“A lot of animals that are being brought to us – barking deer, mongoose, leopard cats – have been attacked by feral dogs ... from all over Hong Kong but in particular the New Territories,” Ades says.“They’re quite indiscriminate and, unlike true predators, these dogs will kill an animal like a barking deer, take a few chunks out of it and just leave the rest. It’s like they smell an animal and they have a frenzy and kill it. That’s a big problem in Hong Kong and the government recognises that.”

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Apr 07, 2020

What a lovely one!

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