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More birds from Paul

Continuing with our guest blog….from a fantastic and friendly bloke that I met whilst observing a cat snake in the hills of Tai Mo Shan. Paul can often be found roaming the hills day and night, and as he puts it, he has “a passion for all wildlife and a preference for reptiles”. His photography expertise has grown leaps and bounds, as I am sure you will agree when seeing these pictures. Now, over to Paul.......

Heading out after rain also works for me as the birds are more active and with more birds you end up with more images.

<Indochinese Yuhina>

<Japanese Tit>

<Red-Flanked Bluetail>

My camera is always prepared ready for action as I walk with the shoulder strap, camera body on and set to a higher shutter speed with auto continuous focus (AFC) just in case I can capture an image or two before any subject decides to fly away. This can be quite challenging and frustrating at times as I ready the camera only to have the birds fly off.

<Black-throated Laughingthrush>

<Brown Shrike>

<Asian Brown Flycatcher>

Paul Dickson is the General Manager, Beas River Country Club, The Hong Kong Jockey Club. And he has done a great job in working to increase the wildlife diversity around the club property and setting up education programmes for the members and public who visit. Please give me/him/us some feedback so I can invite him back.

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