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When is a crab spider not a crab spider?

well, according to scientists, the name is of little biological significance, and they make their judgements and refer to species not by the common name, so in this case we are talking about the Thomisidae.

Some people would say that there is a definite resemblance to crabs, the way they hold their legs apart, and the way they scuttle, sideways. And I, for one, would have to admit this, but purists would say this is fanciful. Purists would say that this is subjective and anecdotal.

In any event, the Thomisidae are the family most generally referred to as "crab spiders”, and in particular the “flower crab spider”, which is what we have here.

FYI - some members of the Sparassidae are called "giant crab spiders", the Selenopidae are called "wall crab spiders", and various members of the Sicariidae are sometimes called "six-eyed crab spiders”…but I won’t tell anyone, if you won’t.

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