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Otters in Hong Kong? Really?

Sharne McMillan, a PhD student at the University of Hong Kong, is studying the elusive Eurasian Otter (Lutra lutra) population in Hong Kong.

Yep, there are Otters in Hong Kong! But.....these otters are rare, mostly nocturnal, and very shy of humans, so not easy to study. All images here are taken by Sharne, who is is using infra-red cameras to capture movement and behaviour like this image here, of an otter grooming:

She admits to spending a lot of time searching for otter scats (referred to as "spraints") to learn about their distribution and population size, as well as important habitats/ resources and threats to otters. She has already started capturing some amazing images!

For more information, do go and visit the Facebook page... Hong Kong Otters

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