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Hong Kong Wetland Park is a great place to spend a day, with kids, or simply to take, we already heard that thank you....yes, but now i just want to say a word about the birds..

They have some great hides....and if you wait patiently, something rare might come a Black-winged kite turned up, with its red eyes, and unmistakable raptor look.

This is my set up in the hide...a welcome respite from the blazing August sun.

you may also get a flash of blue as a king fisher flies by, looking for lunch. Unfortunately, he was too far away for a good shot.

They do have lots of other birds and creatures there too...crabs, mudskippers, and lots of other stuff. I will do a blog again later about this fishing egret, and what he caught.....

but, i think that is enough for now about the Wetland Park.

Just in case you forgot.... Hong Kong Wetland Park

See their site here, packed with details and all the information you could need.

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