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"Fantastic Bugs" Thematic Exhibition

More Bugs … and this time its called “FANTASTIC BUGS” Thematic Exhibition at the Hong Kong Wetland Park. (seems like I am not the only one to use bugs as a layman would, to cover small critters and creepy crawlies)

See their site here, packed with details and all the information you could need.

Located at the northern part of Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, the Hong Kong Wetland Park was set up to “foster public awareness, knowledge and understanding of the inherent values of wetlands throughout the East Asian region and beyond, and to marshal public support and action for wetland conservation”.

I had not been for a while, and what an amazing place this is. Even mid-week its quite busy, and with almost half a million visitors last year, they have done a good job in attracting people. I will post some of my pictures from there later this week, but its well worth a visit - not least for the “bugs” exhibition on at the moment, and the subject of this post.

The “Fantastic Bugs” thematic exhibition shows the unknown side of insects, spiders and other arthropods living around you! THEY also have guided tours, insect spotting, public lectures and talks, workshops, DIY programmes and a nature exploration class...and did i mention their first class facilities?

Lots of education and fun....and

lots of wetland animals, including some of the best dragonfly spotting I have ever had. Here I am set up on a variegated flutterer, one of my fave insects of all time...and I saw dozens during my visit.

Helpful signage and clear pictures helps you ID the different species you can find.

I was sooooo jealous and lost in admiration of their clever massive dual-creature posters, of 4 of my fave bugs of Hong Kong. Just awe inspiring photos and creative work. Well done!

so, lots to see inside and outside, with an excellent boardwalk and paths. Watch for my second post soon, but do get out there and check it out....

Oh, and did i mention its a great place for birding too?

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