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snakes alive....

some news from William Sargent over at the great facebook page : Hong Kong Snakes (and do see for all your snakey ID and other information). SNAKE 'SEASON' IS STARTING - GOOD TIME TO RECAP OUR RECOMMENDED PROCESSES WITH SNAKE ENCOUNTERS...

***DO NOT handle any snake until you have confirmed the species and have the appropriate experience to do so.

1) SNAKE IN THE WILD: give it space, take a photo and leave it to get on with its day.

2) VENOMOUS SNAKE IN YOUR GARDEN/NEIGHBOURHOOD: Decide whether the snake really presents a risk/issue. Most snakes dash off and leave the area once its dark/quiet. You could just be cautious for the following days (especially at night and with lifting objects that could be hiding spots). If it does present a risk or it is confined/trapped in the area, and its confirmed to be venomous you can call the police to have it removed.

3) NON-VENOMOUS SNAKE IN YOUR GARDEN/NEIGHBOURHOOD: unless it is a very large Python, there is really no reason to move it (unless the snake is at risk itself).

4) NON-VENOMOUS SNAKE IN YOUR HOUSE: if you feel confident/comfortable in doing so, and the snake is not too big, you can try to remove it yourself or post on this page to seek help. Use a bathroom towel to grab it and stuff the whole thing into a bag (only if you have 100% confirmed it as non-venomous).

5) VENOMOUS SNAKE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE/OFFICE/SCHOOL: Try to keep it isolated to one area (close doors etc. You should call the police (either your local station or 999). They should NOT kill the snake, you can tell them that you will complain to their station. Video them and use for a follow up complaint. All snakes caught by the government snake catcher are handed over to the police who will pas them to 嘉道理農場暨植物園 Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden for processing/release.

PLEASE remember, that any snakes that are moved far from their surroundings, will be put at a disadvantage in terms of survival.

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