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Takydromus sexlineatus

Takydromus sexlineatus, the Asian grass lizard, six-striped long-tailed lizard, or long-tailed grass lizard, is an arboreal, diurnal species of lizard, not so common in Hong Kong.

I have not found many of these pretty little lizards in Hong Kong, only a few, and always a challenge to photograph with their long tails.

In fact, as you can see there, the tail length is usually over three times the body (snout to vent) length in this species

I used to see these being sold as bird food in the bird market; about HK$1 dollar each. they used to catch them in China from boats, using large nets to swoop them up by the hundreds from the grasses next to the river bank. They have also been popular pets, but need vitamin supplements to thrive. Now, of course, due to unsustainable wild capture, their populations have diminished, and they have become too rare and expensive for bird food. Click on the images below for a good view.

This lizard is easily identifiable by a long tail, and has a white to cream coloured underbelly with a brown, green or beige back, often adorned with brown stripes of different shades. It typically has a small head with a sharply pointed snout.

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