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A quick bite

A gorgeous Burmese Python, on Tai Mo Shan.

Burmese Python 蟒蛇 Python molurus bivittatus one of the largest snakes in the world, individuals can reach around 3meters long in Hong Kong, and weigh about 30kg. When young they can be found in trees, but age and weight means they normally stay on the ground as adults, and can often be found in water and in streams. These big snakes can eat large prey, such a deer, goats, cats and dogs, killing by constriction and then swallowing their prey whole. There are no recorded fatalities from this lovely snake in Hong Kong, perhaps the last of the really big game wild animals that we can enjoy here.

Many adults are found near water and can be considered semi aquatic -Here you can see a 3 meter python in water just in front of me. Both these pictures are by my son, Jack. The image above was taken as he hung from a bridge above the python, and then it suddenly rose up to warn him off, and he snapped this dynamic picture.

Below, two juveniles on a jungle floor show their distinctive skin patterning that is prized by the fashion industry..

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