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Weevils Are Beetles, Too

Weevils are normally very small, can be recognised by their elongated, almost comical beaks, look kinda cute, and are really just a type of beetle.

Here a Broad-nosed weevil turns to look at me.

and one i found last week.

The superfamily Curculionoidea includes the snout beetles and various types of weevils. With their long nose you might assume they feed by piercing and sucking their meal, much like the true bugs, but actually weevils belong to the order Coleoptera, and just like other beetles weevils have mandibulate mouthparts made for chewing. You can see them if you look closely at the photo, they are tiny and are found just at the tip of that long nose. Many weevils cause significant damage to their plant hosts, and for this reason, we consider them pests. Looking at the one above and below, which would you say is the lesser of two weevils? (groan).


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