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The Flying banana

This is the Grey-headed canary-flycatcher, and its known colloquially as "the flying banana".

Not resident in Hong Kong, it just pops into our territory for a few winter months. This one I found doing loops, catching flies, just outside the visitor centre of Lung Fu Shan.

Unfortunately I have just been told that the wonderful visitor centre has been closed, budget cuts don't you know....more concrete is more important than nature education. I mean how can you quantify that?.

Their info below, now sadly all gone.


The Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre was jointly established by the Environmental Protection Department and The University of Hong Kong in April, 2008. It is the only Environmental Resource Centre established with the cooperation of the government and a university. Through promoting the exploration of nature, the Centre seeks to build a community inclusive of nature, as well as encourage the public to practice a sustainable lifestyle.

The Centre’s garden and exhibition hall are free for public admission. In collaboration with the university, government and community, the Centre holds an assortment of activities like ecological guided tours, green workshops and BioBlitzes. These activities allow the public to learn about Lung Fu Shan and the historical, humanities, environment and ecology of Hong Kong’s nature.


Located in a 130-year-old bungalow classified as a Grade 1 Historic Building, apart from the regular exhibition on history, ecology, geology and stories of the people, the exhibition hall also hosts non-scheduled themed exhibitions.


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