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The flutterer...

The flutterer.. this is The VARIAGATED FLUTTERER.

 A cool name for a cool insect.....this stunning creature is a Variegated Flutterer. Its forewings and hindwings have a distinct - and unique - pattern of black and yellow and they are quite unmistakable in their flight as they fly more like a butterfly than a dragonfly, flying slowly, often quite low to the ground.

This picture shows how they use their wings for their distinctive flight pattern.

As mentioned, each individual has a unique patterning on its wings, meaning you can track individuals, like they do with whale-sharks. But above the water. Maybe without a snorkel.

And this below is the Yellow-striped flutterer that I shot in Thailand....which appears very similar...

Our last the stunning Greater Bluewing, which I also found and shot in Thailand, using 1/4000 shutter speed to be able to freeze their wings. Using a lighter background also allows more chance to catch a can see the uncropped image below. Note, these do not occur in HK.


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