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FEATURED GUIDE from The Guide to Nature Guides of Hong Kong.

Today, as part of our weekly feature on nature guides in Hong Kong, we put the spotlight on TRAILWATCH.

Company name: TrailWatch Speciality:   Hiking app; nature-based activities Website and/or Facebook address: Contact details: What is your key focus (you can award 15 stars across the following) Nature Wildlife / Biodiversity Walking / Hiking Route recommendations Tracking and planning Hiking etiquette Hiking safety Do you cater for families/children (only)? No Is this English or Chinese language or both? Both Describe/promote your organisation in 100 words: 

TrailWatch promotes the enjoyment of nature trails and protection of Hong Kong’s environment. Our programmes inform and educate the public about Hong Kong’s natural environment,  our outings promote sustainable and inclusive hiking, and our mobile app facilitates users to plan, track and share their hiking experiences, create group events, and report incidents.   Best dates of the year and times of the day Typical and example pricing Are you Eco-Friendly? How? We strongly emphasize principles such as Leave No Trace, advocate being plastic-free and organise clean-ups.

as featured in The Guide to Nature Guides of Hong Kong - updated, revised and ready to use.

This is a guide that should help individuals, families and organisations get out into nature, now that lockdown/social distancing has eased.

Please do contact and try these wonderful guides and experiences in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Enjoy! Thank you.

Simply click on the link/file below to download and keep your own copy of the guide. or you can share this link and preview a copy or download from my site here:

Guide to Nature Guides
Download PDF • 8.56MB


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