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Cathemerality; our word for today.

Ok, so by now you should know what Diurnal, and Nocturnal means. Just in case, these mean when an animal is active during the hours of daylight or darkness, (like my teenage daughter, in years gone by), respectively. And how about a crepuscular animal - well, this is one that is active primarily during the twilight period.

so what about this one? For all your HK snakey ID needs and great photos, head over to .

Well, this many-spotted cat snake has behaviour in which it can be said to have sporadic and irregular intervals of activity during the day or night in which food is acquired, socializing with other organisms occurs, and any other activities necessary for livelihood are performed.

And this is called Cathemerality, or sometimes called metaturnality.

Something to drop into your conversation at your next dinner party....."oh yes, John and Alice, some animals don't fit into the traditional stero-typical definitions of just coming out at night, or day, or even in twilight. They can be driven by the need for food, or avoiding predators, or temperature to come out when it best suits them. many primates are like this....or here in Hong Kong, like the many-spotted cat snake".


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