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BARKLICE or BOOKLICE(Order: Psocoptera)

BARKLICE or BOOKLICE(Order: Psocoptera) A lot of people are posting at the moment that they are finding large groups of small red animals/insects on walls or on trees..... these are of course in both books: book of bugs and wildcreatures of hong kong.

here is what you need to know....

Barklice is a general term given to a diverse

group of soft-bodied insects in the family

Psocidae. According to bug scientists, these

insects first appeared in the Permian period

295–248 million years ago. Since they haven’t

changed much I suppose they must be doing

something right. Also, they are not really

lice, they just look like them to us humans,

so we lump them all together with a common

name. The species as a whole received their

common name because they are commonly

found amongst old books, where they feed

upon the paste used in binding. The ones

we see in the forests here in Hong Kong

typically feed on algae and lichen, using their

chewing mandibles.

here are the adults


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