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Another Magpie

Another Magpie Big and noisy, the lovely but rapacious RED-BILLED BLUE MAGPIE

(Urocissa erythroryncha) more images in the next blog....

This one eating Papaya.

Often seen in flocks of three

to five birds, the red-billed

blue magpie is a noisy bird often

calling from the tops of trees, but

it can also be seen feeding on the

ground. This raucous, vividly-colored

magpie is a member of the crow

family, Corvidae. A voracious hunter,

it robs nests of eggs and also chicks,

and eats other smaller vertebrates

which can include snakes. Often

seen in groups, communicating with

constant, raucous, hoarse calls. Look

for its bright scarlet bill, extensive

white crown and long tail.


common and widespread across

lowland and foothill forests, gardens,

and urban parks like Shatin park where

people feed them.

SPECIES ID: Conspicuous long tail, with iris,

bill and legs all red. Blue upperparts, black

head, but a white underbelly. Very noisy,

making various calls and whistles.

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May 25

I think my favorite Hong Kong bird, we have a family that lives around us in Tai Po Kau hills. They are noisy and keep us entertained!

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