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Happy Christmas.....

...actually, when I worked at The Economist, I was told that we were not allowed to say something so un-pc; soooooo: Happy Non-Denominational festive occasion.....bah, humbug.

So today, we have a picture of a a cleaner shrimp, from the waters of Hong Kong.

Actually, this was inspired by my Father asking me about the meaning of these characters on this painting....

I asked a friend, and she told me:

"The Chinese on this painting may be the names of two people or the subject of this painting, but I do n’t know the meaning of it. This picture shows seven shrimps. In the north of China, people liken shrimp to dragons. The meaning of the town house auspicious. In the South of China, people liken shrimp to silver, which can bring long-term wealth to people.Although the shrimp is very small, it never hurts the same kind. It will live in harmony with its peers. Its jade and transparent body is just like people indifferent to fame and fortune, and clean themselves.It represents a noble character and a pure and honest heart".

And I thought to myself, what a wonderful Christmas er, NDFO to all of you, be more like shrimps, live in harmony, and all the very best for the year ahead.

All my love,

Mr. WildCreatures.

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