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My cat brought this little present to me....

Just sharing this meme, and like most memes, it is based on a hard truth, even as it makes me laugh with its message. The numbers tell the story, which I will come back to in a more reasoned blog later this year, but this is something for consideration, and... something for debate.

Full disclosure: I like cats, and have owned two in the past. FYI

There are things cat owners can do, if they do want to let their domestic pets free roam, and help protect the native wildlife (remember, the cats are not killing for food; rather from instinct). Neck bells, are a great start, and give birds a chance.

Also, keep your pets inside at dawn and dusk (even nighttime), as these are key wild animal foraging periods. These two things can go a long way to help, and there is really no reason not too.

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