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Also at Lions

yep, I know I bang on about it a lot...but I really do love walking around in Lions Park (as I call it) which is easy access from Sai Kung town and about a 20 minute walk from where I live. I do resent the amount of dog shit left by inconsiderate owners who think that leaving it in the grass is OK, as hey, who would walk off the nice concrete path?

And look what i found the other day...a long tailed Grass Lizard

So pretty, and I watched him for around 15 minutes, as he warmed up and then began to hunt across the leaves of the passion fruit shrub.

These lizards have all but disappeared, and are quite rare to see...but i have seen them a few times in this popular park. Bird keepers like to buy them to feed the larger captive birds, and this has led to a lucrative trade, where they are swept up in the wild to feed our domesticated/wild caught pets. The added bonus is the wonderful passion fruit flowers, right next to the scampering lizard.

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