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My exhibition starts tomorrow

Dear subscriber, Just in case you had not noticed.....unlikely given the shameless plugs....I have a solo exhibition which starts tomorrow, in Sai Kung, with over 90 images of Hong Kong wildlife. All prints are available for sale, and all prints can be done in any size and any format. For example, here George the printer holds a 40" print of the Fork-tailed Sunbird, on canvas, whereas many of the prints are A4 size, and priced at less than HK$400. There are framed, Acrylic and Kappa Mounted options, as well as standard and archival print options, which you can frame or mount yourself.

Dates are Saturday opening 5-9pm

Sunday 12-5pm with a talk at 2.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 12noon until 3pm

Address: RAH Gallery, 1/f, 11 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung town, NT.

Find the link to the Facebook signup page, and more information, here:

Here I am, holding a couple of the limited edition square crop images of a couple of our common, but oh so pretty Hong Kong birds.

With some more examples below, of the smaller sizes, and Kappa rim mounted pictures.

I hope to see you there.....

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