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A lovely Green Beetle in Kadoorie Farm

ONe of the reasons i love wandering around Kadoorie Farm in the New Territories is the amazing bio-diversity, so you never know what you may find. Case in point, was this lovely green beetle that we found by the roadside.

This is a Protaetia which is a genus of beetles of the family Scarabeidae, occurring primarily in Asia, and containing over 300 species. And I am pretty sure that this is Protaetia orientalis.

lets break it down....with a full scientific classification or taxonavigation, as they call it.

Familia: Scarabaeidae Subfamilia: Cetoniinae Tribus: Cetoniini Subtribus: Cetoniina Genus: Protaetia Subgenus: Protaetia (Calopotosia) Species: Protaetia (Calopotosia) orientalis

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