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Night walks

I love night walks.

From early evening you can shine your torch around and find luminescent caterpillars, like this chap.

A tremendous amount of wildlife is strictly nocturnal, and it is the only time to see and appreciate many of the wonders of nature.

Katydids are under the order Orthoptera (along with grasshoppers and crickets), and they all have a pair of strong hindlegs, which enables them to hop as agilely as they fly (tho some i have seen are really not so airborne friendly).

Nymphs are very much like the adults except they lack wings.

Here we witnessed a great "face off" with much antennae twitching.

Of course, the night holds terrors these leggy bois. can you see which end is which? Completely harmless, tho they spook most people i know, and they are so damn fast....

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