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The lovely spittle bug

Here an adult Spittlebug, after a rainy morning. Cosmoscarta bispecularis.

Spittle bugs are so named as they leave their eggs and nymphs in a spit like ball on plants. For more about this read my previous post:

The Adult bug, pictured here, can jump as well as fly. To compare, it would be like me jumping around 500ft straight up. (I might win a few medals, but I would be worried about the landings!). Also, I can probably withstand 5gs (G-Force) before passing out, but this little chap can handle up to 400gs!

Even though spittlebugs feed by extracting plant sap/juice through needle-like mouth parts, they seldom cause notable injury to the plant. But, as always there are some exceptions - but these featured here can easily be washed off plants.

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