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The first rule of Permaclub, is you tell others about it!

Dear "subscribers" just a quick note from WildCreatures. I have noticed that my blog posts at 7am are actually going reaching people at 2pm! This is not on, as it is intended for a daily morning i'm posting at different times over the next week, so please bear with me. Thanks for reading.....and this is the blog post for the day after Buddha's birthday, 23rd May. We spent a great morning and lunch in a hidden valley, in Clearwater Bay on Saturday, looking at the smaller wildlife of Hong Kong. Here a tiny strawberry growing wild has attracted an even tinier shield-bug.

We started with some yoga in an outdoors sala, and then painted, or sketched, or in my case took macro insect photos for an hour or so, and then had a local produce brunch, which included stems and flowers from the garden. This is a little farm/garden run by Jaki Faulkner 傅雪婕

It is a great place to unwind, appreciate nature, and for me to get close and undisturbed to the many arthropods and tiny creatures that live in a Hong Kong garden and farm.

As Jaki puts it "Permaclub is an educative; inclusive space empowering the Hong Kong community to re-connect and re-harmonize human living spaces with nature. We use ecological design principles that aim to improve and promote clean air, clean food and a healthy sustainable lifestyle. The site is a demonstration of ecological and cultural wealth where creative solutions are designed to resolve some of the world's most challenging ecological issues".

For me its a wonderful place to appreciate nature, take pictures and enjoy great food. Cost is donation based, but a Yoga and lunch price guideline is HK$250. Its easy to get to, there is parking just 2 minutes walk away, and there is a beach at the end of the road for a swim when it is simply too hot to do anything else!


Call 6653 4518

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