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YES, its time for City Nature Challenge 2022

Have some fun, connect with nature, learn more about our animals and support a good cause: YES, its time for City Nature Challenge 2022

The City Nature Challenge is a global competition that draws together cities from around the world. To compete, citizens of participant cities take photos of plants and animals on the free app iNaturalist over 4 days in April (April 29-May 2). More and more cities take part every year: for Hong Kong, it is the largest collaborative biodiversity engagement exercise with more than 40 local organisations, institutions and schools involved. I sometimes run a bioblitz are LNEC during these dates, but I will probably be out of Hong Kong this year....

This April, go outside your home and capture biodiversity with your own phone!

Competition Dates: 29 April - 2 May | Identification Dates: 3 - 8 May

Resource Page: LINK | HK CNC iNaturalist Project: LINK

And a message from the organisor - for schools and NGOs or those who want to organise something bigger: Dear All,

I hope this message finds you all healthy, safe and well.

As mentioned before, Hong Kong will be joining over 400 cities all over the world in the CITY NATURE CHALLENGE, the LARGEST, SYNCHRONIZED, GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY COMPETITION/CELEBRATION and we hope you can join in.

To participate, take photographs of nature (trees, plants, insects, birds, fungi, reptiles etc), ANYWHERE in Hong Kong and upload them onto iNaturalist on the following competition dates. That's it!!!

Competition Dates: 29 April - 2 May 2022

Uploading and ID Period: 3 - 8 May 2022

Results Announced: 9 May 2022



We realise that current COVID regulations will make participating difficult so please exercise caution and advise appropriately if you are planning to join in.

Involvement could include:

1) Incorporate the CNC 2022 in any activity (research, data collection, nature walk, mini-bioblitz, etc) already planned between 29 April - 2 May. (Or organise an activity specifically for the CNC 2022 on these dates).

2) Encourage students, colleagues, clients and friends to participate in CNC 2022 through official channels, personal networks or at your own visitor/education centres.

3) Assistance in identifying species on the iNaturalist project in the week following the CNC 2022.

For further information and resources, please see the following:

Plus links to the wider CNC iNaturalist projects:

I have been in contact with many other NGOs, schools and organisations and have had great feedback from them. Whatever you decide to do, I’d be happy to create specific iNaturalist projects to collect your own observations plus I can offer any advice should you need it.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.




Shaun MartinMain Co-Ordinator: City Nature Challenge - Hong Kong / 城市自然挑戰賽-香港 Tel: (852) 63464142 | Twitter: @smartinhk


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