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Wondering what to do....1.

I am very pleased that my friends over at Lion Rock Press have again worked their magic again (after Wildlife Bingo) and come out with this amaaaaaaazing Hong Kong wildlife puzzle.

If you have been following my blog you may recognise some of my actual pictures that have now been drawn in loving detail.

And the backside is my fave abstract picture, which will make another challenge after you have done the front.

Yikes, where do I start?

Order yours now from:

Full disclosure: I do not get paid anything for this, but I may get a free puzzle.

Now, lets let the lovely Claire from Lion Rock Press promote it:

"Our absolutely STUNNING new 1000 piece double-sided puzzle 🐒🦉🐍WILD HONG KONG🕷🦎🐙 is here... and we couldn't be happier with it! 💚

🔍 Meticuloulsy researched with the help of ✅Wildcreatures Hong Kong and the ✅ Ecology Department of HKU, it comes with a 🇭🇰 BILINGUAL species guide for the 56 indigenous flora and fauna to be found in this puzzle. GET YOUR GEEK ON!! 🤓💯

Despite its reputation as a concrete jungle, Hong Kong boasts a remarkable breadth of biodiversity. This stunning illustration celebrates the territory’s abundance of wildlife. From 🌺 bauhinia to bulbul, kingfisher to 🐍 krait, porcupine to 🐬 porpoise, moray to 🐒 macaque, enjoy learning about the nature we share our home with. 🔍

✨ On the reverse is an astonishing abstract by acclaimed Hong Kong wildlife photographer, Robert I. Ferguson. Many of the images on the front of the puzzle are also taken from his amazing body of work 👏.

Think you're a whizz with a jigsaw? This one is a true challenge for only the most hardcore puzzler! 🧩🤓

♻️ As is to be expected from our puzzles, Wild Hong Kong is eco-friendly (fully recyclable, plastic-free and made of FSC paper). Made with premium materials, and a textured surface, this is a beautiful keepsake for anyone connected to Hong Kong or with a passion for the natural world.💚"

What are you waiting for...the ideal lockdown/quarantine gift:

You can order yours now for local or international fulfilment.


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