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WILD HONG KONG - a new puzzle

A fantastic new puzzle has come out from those wonderful peeps at Lion Rock Press....

Click here for more info and to order your copy

I may be a bit biased, as it does feature 12 of my animal images on the other side....but I can say I have enjoyed making this puzzle, looking at it and having fun identifying the many creatures that are illustrated.

see below pic for my images on this verso side of this puzzle...


Despite its reputation as a concrete jungle, Hong Kong boasts a remarkable breadth of biodiversity. As a huge wildlife lover this is one of the reasons I love the place so much! Today is the release of the long-awaited KIDS 100 PIECE DOUBLE-SIDED PUZZLE, WILD HONG KONG! From bauhinia to bulbul, kingfisher to krait, porcupine to porposise, moray to macaque, children can enjoy finding 56 native species in in this gorgeous jigsaw 🦅🐒🪲🐍. On the reverse is a grid of 12 amazing Hong Kong species photographed by Robert Ferguson, a renowned local wildlife photographer. 📷


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