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Why is a kingfisher like a London Bus?

Why is a kingfisher like a London Bus? well, because you don't see any for ages, then two come along at once!

(this post is actually following on from my post on November 16th when i originally saw them).....THE COMMON KINGFISHER - Despite it's name, I do not see these very often, and then it is a delight to see their brilliant flash of blue, as they shoot down a river, or across a harbour like in TKO.

The other day i saw 5 different kingfishers, with 3 species, in Mai Po, but I got one distant picture of Whitebreasted on a branch. But sometimes, well once so far in my photographic "life", you get lucky, and i took the portrait from 8m away as it simply stayed put whilst i got out my tripod and set up my biggest lens (all the while muttering "please don't move....plllllllleeeeeeeeeeese").

Lets get closer...... They are small birds!

I was with my wife, Sally, and we had just arrived near the visitor centre in Mai Po when I spotted its electric blue feathers perched on a branch next to the pond. And there were two of them!! Here is the other, with a greener background.

We were actually discussing the ID of a duck, when I saw him behind us. Then I went back to my trolley and set up the camera and tripod....and got my close ups.

This pair eventually moved away. and I got a couple of shots as they stayed together on different perches over the next 20 minutes or so; but always much further away, which is their more typical behaviour, rather than letting me close for photograh!

Here you can see them on a typical perch above a pond or river.


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