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What is that noisy bird? Part 1.

Wow, but they make a lot of noise....and I am just starting to hear them in different locations. Spring has sprung...hurrah!

Listen for the incessant, rising, crescendo call of the Asian Koel, known on Lamma as the "orgasm bird".

Here in Sha Kok Mei in Sai Kung we have a pair of males, who have moved from near the football pitch to just near our house, and they try and outdo each other with their loud calls every morning, starting before the sunrise. I actually quite like these birds, and some people find the call a soothing reminder that spring has arrived. Here is the one outside my window..... (s'funny, cos they are easy to hear, but not always easy to spot - just look for those bright red eyes).

You can see them eat the fruit from the trees and then regurgitate the pips...nom, nom.

IN suburbs of some Australian cities the local municipal council sends out trucks to spray them to make them move on, as a lot of people find the loud, building, and incessant, "wurro-wurro" call of the male of Hong Kong's large Cuckoo, the Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus), hard to take.

Check back tomorrow for more facts on this lovely bird.


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