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What do you call a group of boars?

What do you call a group of boars? Wild boars live in groups called "sounds" that are composed of females and their offspring.

The Wild boar uses its long, rubbery snout for digging underground roots and bulbs, often tearing up large areas of forest. Which is fine, but when they get on golf courses, they annoy the plaid dressed gentry. They also wreak havoc in (organic) farms and it needs a stout, sometimes electric, fence to keep them out. We seem overrun because we have killed off their natural predators; and people in urban areas appear happy to feed them.

The Wild boar is an omnivore - ie it eats everything, which is why they are particularly happy to rumage through our garbage.

Wild boars are (normally) nocturnal sleeping 12 hours a day hidden in nests made of leaves.

Males live a solitary life (ahhhhhh), except during the mating season (ooooooooh).


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