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Viverricula indica taivana, again.

Setting up my trail camera in a new location I was fortunate to have this lovely Small Indian Civet moving through just last week. I have now set up my DSLR but he has not been back since....

As I posted not long ago, this is a nocturnal animal, and it is very difficult to get a photographic record, and I do not know many people who have seen them. They do not seem to follow a regular path or pattern like the Palm Faced Civets. This photo below was from last year. Again, one sighting in the trail cam and then not again.

(as the observant amongst you may have noticed, my trap date says 2019....must get that sorted....)

Here is another camera trap image of a Small Indian Civet, unusually out during daylight, photographed at Mai Po by Sharne McMillan. She runs the research for Otters in Hong Kong, and see the link to the Facebook page - or simply look up Hong Kong Otters!

Link to otter page:


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