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This is ridiculous....yes, we need housing in hong kong...but there are lots of options.

Near the Fan Kam Road the old 50-100 year old woodlands - including important habitats for moths and bats - are to be destroyed. Changes to the land use threaten the unique Chinese Swamp Cypress as well.....

So the choice for the government seems to be...either those horrible clan owned brownfield sites or a 100+ year old beautiful green open space.

You chose....

sooo, I am passing on a message, and urge you to send an email - more details below.

Email address :

I am writing to inform you that the Government’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Partial Development of Hong Kong Golf Club Old Course Holes 1-8 Project (FGC-PD) has been released to public. The government currently plan to take back 32 ha of the Old Course (east of Fan Kam Road) including the car park and Club accommodation for high rise public housing (33,600 residents) proposes starting construction in 2024 to have housing intake complete by 2029.

The EIA inspection is open for 30 days of public comments from 20 May until 18 June 2022, so time is very limited.

You may refer to the below link to access the EIA report (2,306 pages), Executive Summary and 3D visualization.

Link of the EIA:

If you have any opinion on this Government project, you are most welcome to state your concerns (be they from the quality of the EIA, ecology/biodiversity, history, tangible and intangible cultural heritage and AAB New Item 340 heritage cluster grading, charity, education, public and school sport, tourism, the Hong Kong Open, planning, engineering infrastructure, air quality/dust, noise, visual impacts, waste arisings, unique cultural landscape, ~1,000 mature trees felled, district temperature rises, flooding risks, sewage treatment capacity, climate change, ‘ecological civilization’/BSAP, Northern Metropolis, loss green open and recreational space, traffic impact to local community or North District Hospital A&E access due to road congestion perspective) as follows:

Email address :

The public inspection period will end on 18 June 2022 and public comments are to be submitted to EPD on or before that date.

Any support that can be generated for this would be much appreciated.


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