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TREAD CAREFULLY. Invertebrates and moths expo and come and visit in the UK

TREAD CAREFULLY. Invertebrates and moths expo and come and visit in the UK Dr Sally Ferguson, my lovely wife, is doing an MA in fine arts, and as part of this she was invited by the National Trust and Leith Hill to a)create and display an original piece of art, a triptych, of invertebrates, some painted, some sculpted and b)to display the wonderful embroidered moths which were done in Nepal (by local women), during her time with VSO there. See the pics below.

I was then invited also - once she told them about my pictures - to submit some moth photos, which introduce people to the exhibition, with inspiring quotes. Also see pics below...

The whole programme is set up to help educate people and have them develop an initial appreciation of the myriad of tiny creatures, which many of us take for granted.

Some more information from the website: Step inside Leith Hill Place, a welcoming home from home nestled in the Surrey Hills. Childhood home of one of England’s greatest composers Ralph Vaughan Williams, Leith Hill is a place of creativity and inspiration.

Inspiring invertebrates

This year the house is honouring its connections with naturalist Charles Darwin (Ralph Vaughan William's great uncle) who was a regular visitor to Leith Hill Place. Darwin and his niece Lucy, conducted experiments about the activity and movement of earthworms, and you can still see his 'worm stone' in the grounds today.

Join us as we explore our relationships with invertebrates and discover their magical world through a series of display, talks and events.


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