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This is the lovely Small Asian mongoose (Herpestes javanicus).

I have put some camera traps in some remote areas of the New Territories, and hope for the best, and very occasionally I am rewarded with a photo like this.

There are two species of Mongoose in Hong Kong, and this is the prettiest. They can inhabit as wide range of areas, but it prefers wetlands and open plains. They live in holes and burrows, and come out mainly during the day time (diurnal).

The Small Asian Mongoose mainly eats insects but they also feed on crabs, frogs, spiders, scorpions, birds and eggs...and of course snakes, even the venomous Chinese cobra. The Small Asian Mongoose were not seen in Hong Kong for a long time, although Hong Kong is within, or close to their natural ranges. It is thought that they have either moved into Hong Kong by expanding from nearby areas of their natural range or it is also possible that they existed in Hong Kong in the past and have now re-colonized Hong Kong after the reforestation of our Country Parks.

They have been introduced to several Pacific islands, Caribbean islands, South America, Japan and Europe to help control the rodent and snake populations.

Special thanks to my friend Dick who lives "nearby" these traps and has taken me on some of his local walks, tends to the traps frequently, and has pushed my ability to walk in remote areas after my injury a year or so ago. Thanks dude.


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