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The Greening Policy

The Greening Policy Well, since we no longer have a Biodiversity Strategy and Action plan, and THE DEVELOPMENT BUREAU (now there is a name right out of an Orwellian future, or Netflix dystopian drama) seems to have taken on some key roles, including Tree management. Not ecology, or biodiversity, mind you; but trees can pose a threat to the public so must be corralled and controlled, like all of nature.

But there is a policy statement (taken from the website)

The Greening Policy

We are striving to uplift the quality of our living environment through active planting, proper maintenance and preservation of trees together with other vegetation.

Our target is to bring about noticeable improvements in urban greenery, to enhance existing greened areas, and to enhance opportunities of quality greening during the planning and development of public works projects.

But really, it seems more pre-disposed to the management of "problematic trees".

I first noticed this in some urban parks - like here in Shatin park

yes, every tree has a number and a little plastic tag with a flimsy metal string (just imagine the cost and work associated with this programme), for correct "management".

This label also has a unique identifying QR code, for every tree....! But I do like the link to "more information" that tells you more about the a Traveller's Palm - not a native tree, but one of my faves.

Have you noticed these tags? what do you think about this initiative? have you reported any "bad" trees?


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