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The GIANT PILL MILLIPEDE (Zephronia profuga) takenfrom the book THE BUGS OF HONG KONG QUICK FACTS 20 mm long, curling defensively into a small ball—like a pill—if disturbed (hence their name), these bugs are docile decomposers that live in the leaf litter of forests all over Hong Kong. You may also see large ones for sale in pet shops, from more exotic locations, as they can make excellent pets and are completely safe. Pill millipedes can be distinguished from woodlice (see "Crustaceans") on the basis of having two pairs of legs per body segment, instead of one pair like all other ispods. Pill millipedes have 12 to 13 body segments and about 18 pairs of legs, whereas woodlice have eleven segments and only seven pairs of legs. In addition, pill millipedes are smoother, and resemble normal millipedes in overall colouring and the shape of the body segments. SEE THEM Not so common, often found at night, on the paths of Lung Fu Shan Country Park. Check back tomorrow for a fascinating millipede fact


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