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the fight

These lovely lizards (continued from yesterday) can grow quite large, up to 40cm and they can vary quite considerably in colouring...sometimes mottled and darkish brown, whilst other times the male as a deep red chest to head colouration with a bright red and black throat. This red is most on display when in threat, territorial, or mating mode - like in this pair fighting on a tree.

you can see this one is using his advantage of being above to grab the other by the head.

and the winner is.....

Females not so colurful. Has a large triangular head. Older specimens have a crest, and the scales are highly keeled. the tail is very long and thin, often banded.


Loves to sun itself...and can often be found in the plants and shrubs next to pathways. Not often found in forests. you can hear them scrabble about and then they remain stationary looking at you as you get quite close, cocking their eye at you, and then they will leap to safety. Will bite if caught.


Widely distributed throughout Hong Kong.


all kinds of insects....crickets, cicadas, beetles etc


Breeds in spring....lays eggs in the soil in summer.


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