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The Common rose

soooo, for the next four days, we get to follow the life cycle of Pachliopta aristolochiae, or the common rose. It is a swallowtail butterfly belonging to the genus Pachliopta, the roses, or red-bodied swallowtails.

so it all began on a walk with Michael Hoskins (who is covered in butterfly and moth tattoos, such is his passion). He pointed out a common rosebutterfly egg, (based on his knowledge and the food plant). This was the size of a pin head!

I said i would photograph it on the way back, and as we returned i could just about make out the tinniest of creatures that had hatched. I put macro lens on, got my flash primed and took pictures of the smallest creature i have every photographed!

He left his egg, and had a little walk, and then as i have heard tell, but never before seen, it began to eat its egg.

this was the moment of he emerged....


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