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The black stream glider

The black stream glider (Trithemis festiva), also known as the indigo dropwing (as it is part of the dropwing family, this seems appropriate).

OK, lets talk photo stuff for a little bit, as i was trying something new here, which camera buffs maybe interested in.

OK, this is shot with a 50mm lens, and about as close as i can get. Nice for habitat and to set the scene.

Then i put a 26mm extension tube (cheap as chips) on between the lens and the camera body, and i can get much closer (and a cooperative dragonfly helps). At this range i also am using a fill flash to be able to keep my shutter speed high enough to handhold and to fill in shadows.

And then, I can crop the images to get a lovely close up, more abstract shot of its wonderful wings. And look at those funky eyes....


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