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The bird with the red whiskers

The bird with the red whiskers. So, lets have some shots of our lovely noisy, ubiquitous crested Bulbul or the Red-whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus) having a snack.

and down it goes...

These were shot in 2021 and also earlier in the year.

Here you can clearly see how he got his name...

This pretty bird is a common sight and sound - they are very social and vocal - in Hong Kong and are found everywhere from woodland to gardens. They are not only frugivores (furit eaters), they also enjoy a tasty insect. Still favoured as a pet today, they are known to live for up to eleven years in captivity. They have a rather chivalrous courtship, where the male bows his bead, drops his wings and spreads his tail. In Hong Kong they breed from April till June.

my Bulbuls ....


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