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Remember our stork?

well, we are back with our Oriental Stork, that I was taking photographs of in Mai Po in December 2020.

This is probably my favourite image from that time...lovely and crisp and detailed when blown up large.

Some people i showed it to earlier said they preferred it with the reflection, like this one below. What do you think?

Storks are large, long-legged, long-necked wading birds with long, stout bills, and did you know that there are 19 species of stork, ranging from the huge marabou (with a height of 152 centimeters and a wingspan of 3.7meters) compared to the smallest the hammerkop at just 56 cm.

Their lifespan is about 30-40 years .

I LIKE the reflection upside down, as you can see the other stork's head.

Storks have a dignified appearance, standing graceful and tall or marching deliberately on slender legs. The legs vary in shades of black, gray, or orange.

Storks have huge wings, and are very beautiful in flight.

These storks scavenge, i have seen them eat dead fish, as well as catching smaller fish, and I understand that they also eat frogs, shellfish, insects, earthworms, small birds and even small mammals.

What do you call a group of storks? well, you try a muster of storks and a phalanx of storks.

Like most families of aquatic birds, storks seem to have arisen in the Palaeogene, maybe 40–50 million years ago.


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