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OK, bear with me on some photography talk here, and something called previsualization. This is something - if not everything - you do before taking a picture.

Previsualization for me is a two-step process. The first element is entirely mental and conceptual, and really comes down to what I have in my mind, or the actual visualisation of the image I want to capture in the field, or otherwise.

So if you find yourself thinking “wouldn’t this make a good photo?” then you are on the right track. The second step involves anything you do to adjust the scene, subject, or camera to try to capture what you had in your mind.

I will use this flock of munias and sparrows as an example.

I wanted to try and capture the drama and movement of the flock as it took off, that was step one, and so i tried out various shutter speeds and settled on i/250s which allowed for some bodies to be sharp, whilst wings and other fast moving birds were a complete blur. Then I had in my mind one or two birds close up, not moving, with the clear focus on them, while the rest of the flock swirled around them.

Never work with animals? and no, I could not use glue or trained subjects, thank you....but this is the best i got.

A couple of white headed Munias, still, whilst the flock swirls.

OK, those really were the only two shots i was happy with...but still a work in progress. maybe a bigger telephoto to compress the image...or maybe a wide angle stuck in the middle of the field?

anyway, i thought I would also include here some of the other pictures that i took that morning.


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