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And we are going to continue with our VIPER theme this week, rounding it off nicely with the POINTED SCALE VIPER - aka “THE HABU”. Protobothrops mucrosquamatus

I say beware, as this snake is potentially lethal. I am not 100% sure, but my research does not show that anyone has actually been bitten by one of these in Hong Kong. They are very rare, localised, difficult to find and very shy, moving away unlike the Bamboo Pit Viper.

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The Pointed Scale Viper looks extremely similar to the Many or Large Spotted Cat Snake. It is not clear if the Cat Snake is an intentional mimic of the Pointed Scale as there are some discussions as to weather or not the Pointed Scale Viper is an introduced species, but regardless, to both the trained and untrained eye it could be easy to mistake the two. If found observe from a safe distance. Visit the 'Practical Venomous Snake ID' section of the Snake ID page for tips on identifying some of the more common venomous species.


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